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Pictures: Inspiring weight loss transformations

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Anjana Kumar changed her eating patterns. She was still eating everything — from carbs to chocolates to ice-cream, but had reduced the quantities drastically. | Weight loss: 40 pounds

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191002 keto diet
Dona Cherian was encouraged to try Keto diet out and document the changes. Keto diet is one where you are allowed only around 20-50g of net carbs (total carbs – dietary fibre) a day. | Weight lost: 28 pounds

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191002 dubai police
Corporal Jasem Shambeah, the biggest ‘loser’ in the weight-loss programme of Dubai Police, shed 40kg of weight in four months. | Weight loss: 88 pounds

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192012 khattak
Hafeezullah Khattak began his Keto journey diet on December 13, 2018. He weighed 127 kg when he started, now he is 84kg. And he’s not done yet – his target is to shed 10kg more in the next three months. As of October 1, he weighs 84 kg with no cholesterol and no health issues. | Weight lost: 95 pounds

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192002 wight loss 22
In than two months of being on VRK diet, Nagarjuna Rao have lost 10 kilos. Yes, 10 kilos! And that too without much exercise or daily walking routine. | Weight lost: 22 pounds

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191002 drew barrymore
Actress Drew Barrymore says she lost 24 pounds in three months through dieting and exercising. | Weight lost: 24 pounds

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191002 ram kapoor
Actor Ram Kapoor, who is known for his roles in television shows ‘Kasam Se’ and ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’, has recently shared photographs of his major weight loss transformation, leaving fans stunned.

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191002 wight loss
Kevin Smith suffered a heart attack in February 2018. The infamous shot on the left was of Kevin wearing his giant jorts at his all-time heaviest. The photo on the right was taken at the same gas station showing him very near his goal weight. | Weight lost: 43 pounds

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191020 yeler baltierra
Tyler Baltierra changed his diet and cooked healthier meals to shed pounds. | Weight lost: 30 pounds

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