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A Film Grows In Edward Norton’s ‘Motherless Brooklyn’

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Wednesday, Nov 06 2019 • 11:30 a.m. (ET)

A Film Grows In Edward Norton’s ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ Listen

A Film Grows In Edward Norton’s ‘Motherless Brooklyn’


Ed Norton wrote, directed and stars in a new adaptation of Motherless Brooklyn.

Meet Lionel. He’s a private eye with Tourette’s syndrome. His boss is shot dead in mysterious circumstances, and Lionel is on the case.

That’s the premise of Motherless Brooklyn, the new film that Edward Norton wrote, directed and in which he stars.

The film is loosely based on a Jonathan Lethem detective novel of the same name which is set in the ’90s. But Norton sets his movie version in the 1950s, and he invokes famous New York City planner Robert Moses to explore how the powerful figure reshaped the city.

Hear our interview with Robert Caro, the author of “The Power Broker,” about Moses.

We talk to Norton about his new film, his long career and what’s next.

Produced by Michelle Harven.


  • Edward Norton Actor, screenwriter and director; @EdwardNorton
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