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If you frequently throw out food that’s gone bad, you need one of these

A new study from Penn State found that American households throw out about a third of the food they purchase every year. This does so much more than hurt our wallets.

The methane that food waste produces in landfills contributes to climate change, and may be part of the reason we can "enjoy" outdoor seating in the middle of January when it should be freezing (hello global warming).

Now, we're not saying you have to jump up and try to save the world from all its problems, but we do have a great step you can take.

Vacuum sealing systems save your delicious leftovers from being tossed by protecting them with multi-layer heat seals that keep out air and even prevent freezer burn. There are a ton of products these sealers can be used for, from the flour that doesn't need to come out until the holiday baking season to the steaks that you bought too many of because they were on sale.

Not only can they keep your food fresh for up to seven times longer, but these machines also make organization a lot easier. Stack up all your sealed bags to save space and have a better view of what you have — so you don't unnecessarily go out and buy more.

Amazon has a bunch of top-rated options that are up to 30% off. Check out all the deals below:

  • Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine — $46.97 (save $23)

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