Why Kristen Bell Is Sharing All the Details On Her “Incredible Fight” With Dax Shepard


Honesty makes the heart grow fonder.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are arguably one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. It seems that anytime they post an adorable picture together or sweetly pose on a red carpet, they make headlines for being the epitome of the perfect couple. But over the years, they've been adamant about being open and honest about their shortcomings as a couple, and making sure the sweet headlines don't outshine the truth that sometimes long lasting love is hard to maintain.

Kristen sat down with Justin Long for his podcast Life Is Short With Justin Long, and really broke down a play by play of an argument she had with her husband recently. In the nearly two-hour episode, Kristen revealed that she and her loving husband Dax didn't talk to each other for nearly three days because of a disagreement they had with each other about housework.

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