Jim Duggan on Modern Wrestling Landscape

Jim Duggan was known as Hacksaw in the WWE. Jim has spent over 40 years in the pro wrestling industry and is one of the most knowledgeable former wrestlers in the world right now. Even though he has plenty of experience he recently stated that he is not really interested in coaching on the Wrestling Inc.

Daily. He stated that he always considered himself a brawler and not a wrestler. Back in his day, a wrestler didn’t need to be as athletic of flamboyant as modern wrestlers do. It was more about power and brute force. Jim shared his thoughts on modern professional wrestling.

He is one of the only people that can clearly compare his era with the modern era. He stated that there are many grey-area characters in professional wrestling right now. “I don’t think the wrestlers themselves have a whole lot of say in the matter.

I thought that early Bray Wyatt with [the original Wyatt Family] was great. I could see that kind of character back in our day,” said Duggan. “I don’t know how much creative control the talent has nowadays. But whatever works – a lot of people are critical of WWE – but they still have 100,000 at ‘Mania so someone’s watching.”

We all know that the WWE doesn’t really allow their wrestlers to write their own scripts anymore and that is the reason why wrestlers are not as creative as they used to be.

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