Vince McMahon on the Impact of AEW


All Elite Wrestling is slowly growing and might even give the WWE a very difficult time in the future. At the moment, AEW does not have the star power required to crush the WWE. They still managed to sign some of the best former WWE wrestlers that they could within 1 year.

They have Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, and DDP. Even the legendary Bret Hart made an appearance for the brand. The WWE has been fighting AEW for 1 year now. During a recent earnings call, Vince McMahon was asked about whether AEW has effected the WWE in any way.

He was also asked about how AEW’s more edgier content is a good direction for AEW. “AEW has not changed our content at all,” Vince declared. “Because it’s all about our characters, the storylines, and resolutions.

So, it really hasn’t changed our point of view in terms of what we present. We don’t need more edgy content, as you call it. PG, we’re one of the few programs out there that really is PG.” It is true that AEW has not really managed to beat WWE NXT, its rival, by a long shot.

AEW is sometimes just whiskers ahead of NXT. NXT managed to beat AEW Dynamite several times as well. That was actually quite hard for most AEW fans. Some people simply want to see AEW succeed because they are the underdog and also are advocates of old-school wrestling.

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