Africa’s largest Lake, Victoria at record high water levels of 13.42 metres


Lake Victoria has recorded a water levels of 13.42 metres, surpassing the 13.41 highest mark reached decades ago. The world’s largest tropical lake is a huge trans-boundary water body shared by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with about 23 rivers that bring water into it, but with only one exit through River Nile at Jinja.

Uganda’s Electricity company Eskom are battling to reduce the rising Lake Victoria levels following above normal rains in the past three months. According to a tweet by Eskom, Water spilling is ongoing at 2,400 cubic metres of water, having started at 1000 cubic metres in March for both Nalubaale and Kiira HPS.

Experts say besides the prolonged rainfall, the situation has also been made worse by environmental degradation and urbanization that has caused a disruption on the water bodies.

According to the Uganda’s Ministry of Water and Environment, the rise in water level has gone up from the average 12.00 meters to 13.32 meters as of 30th April 2020, and now 13.42 metres.

The rise of 1.42 meters was attained in only 6 months. Several settlements and developments around Lake Victoria and River Nile have been affected including beaches and flooding of homes.

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The rise in water levels has also resulted in dislodgement of papyrus mats from encroached shorelines resulting into huge mass of floating Islands which are dangerous to hydropower infrastructure. Water transportation have also been largely disrupted.

Source: The Independent

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