Kanye West suspended from Twitter

The US rapper and long-shot presidential candidate has been suspended from twitter after a tweet exposing his contracts with Universal Music Group and calling a Forbes’ editor Randall Lane a “white supremacist”.

West went further to violate Twitter’s rules by tweeting the phone number of the magazine editor and exposing him to danger from his fans.

“If any of my fans want to call a white supremacist … this is the editor of Forbes.” He included a screenshot of a contact in his phone listed as “Randall Forbes,” including the phone number assigned to the contact.

However, Kanye West did not give an explanation as to why he was accusing Lane of white supremacy.

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The tweet was no longer available about an hour after West sent it from his verified Twitter account early Wednesday afternoon.

Twitter told Kanye West to drop the tweet but it wasn’t immediately clear if Twitter removed the tweet, or if West deleted it at Twitter’s request – but the tweet was replaced by a note saying it had violated the Twitter rules.

The tweet directed at the journalist was among dozens of tweets West sent in a short period Wednesday addressing a variety of subjects including music-related business contracts.

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