Ghanaians protest the closing down of shops of their Nigerian employers

About 200 Ghanaians working for Nigerians whose shops had been locked up by the Presidential Task Force on Retail Trade in the Ashanti region, have threatened to demonstrate against the government for closing down the shops of their employers.

According to GhanaWeb, the closure of the shops, they said, had rendered them jobless and made it difficult for them to feed themselves and their dependents.

They claimed that their employers had genuine documents to operate and do not understand why the shops were closed down together with those, who did not have genuine documents.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, they pleaded with the Ghanaian Government to consider reopening shops belonging to Nigerians, who had genuine documents to operate or they demonstrate and vote against the government.

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Nigerian traders in Ghana have accused local authorities of discrimination after many had their shops were closed in the capital Accra.

They say its part of a trade war in the region that has seen foreign businessmen fighting for control over local retail with native Ghanaians since 2019.

Nigerian government issued a statement saying it has been registering acts of hostility towards Nigeria and Nigerians by the Ghanaian authorities adding that it will not tolerate such treatment of its citizens.

The Ghanaian government has denied the allegations.

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